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Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the affiliate programme Maternia s.r.o.

Relating to the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

General provisions

1. These terms and conditions define the agreement between the

Programme affiliate (hereinafter Affiliate)


Maternia s.r.o. (hereinafter Merchant)


2. The Merchant of the affiliate programme is

Maternia s.r.o.

Vídeňská 12, 378 33 Nová Bystřice, IČ: 28075226, registered at Regional Court in České Budějovice section C, number 15802.


3. After registering as an Affiliate, the participant will become the Merchant’s partner. During registration, the Affiliate must provide information that is true and all data required.  

By registering, the Affiliate explicitly agrees with the terms and conditions of the agreement and is obliged to fulfill them.

By registering in the programme, the Affiliate gives consent to personal data processing by Maternia s.r.o. according to Act No. 10/2000 Coll. and agrees that this data can be used for marketing purposes.

4. The Merchant agrees not to share the personal data with a third party.

Terms and conditions and agreement content

5. The cooperation between the Merchant and the Affiliate lies in marketing support of online sales on the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that are owned and run by the Merchant.

This marketing support consists mainly of promoting the Merchant’s offer through the Affiliate’s website in terms of the affiliate programme. The Merchant’s websites can be found at:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These websites also contain the affiliate programme.

6. Pay-Per- Click campaigns (including Social Media Ads) on keywords such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of these are not allowed.

Affiliate shall not transmit any so-called “interstitials,” “Parasiteware™,” “Parasitic Marketing,” “Shopping Assistance Application,” “Toolbar Installations and/or Add-ons,” “Shopping Wallets” or “deceptive pop-ups and/or pop-unders” to consumers.

It is not allowed to link directly on merchant’s websites from Pay-Per- Click campaigns.

Social media accounts with followers can link directly to our website due to nature of it's system.

7. The Affiliate is prohibited from lying or distorting information about the Merchant and its products during the promotion, such as the price of the products. 

8. The Affiliate is permitted to use links with specific codes on more than one website. They can be also used in email correspondence.

9. The Affiliate must promote products in a legal way according to the law of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The Affiliate is prohibited from using links with specific codes on other websites, specifically in message boards or comment sections. It is also prohibited from promoting the products by spamming. (See Act No. 480/2004 Coll., about Information society service).


10. Registration is free. The Merchant can decline registration without giving any reason.

The Affiliate can only create one account in the Affiliate programme. Marketing support can be run on one or more websites owned by the Affiliate.

11. Any natural person over 18 years of age or a juridical person can register.


12. Links are defined as text links, banners and image ads that will direct a Customer to any page on the Merchant’s website by clicking.

13. The link to Merchant’s websites must include the identification (partner) code of the Affiliate that the Affiliate generates in the affiliate system.  

14. Links that don’t contain the identification code cannot be included in the statistics of the Affiliate programme and the Affiliate can’t claim commission for them. For technical reasons, the commission can only be calculated for visitors who have enabled cookies on their computer.  


15. Commission is paid for products that were purchased by a Customer who had visited the Merchant’s website through a link with Affiliate’s identification code. Such purchase must take place within 30 days of the most recent click on the Affiliate’s banner that led them to the websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

16. Commission is not paid for a mere visit through a link on an Affiliate’s website, nor it is paid for goods that we ordered but never actually purchased. 

17. The Affiliate gets commission for every purchase by a Customer who has clicked on an affiliate link provided. The time passed since the most recent click through the Affiliate’s website has been no more than 30 days.

Commission is paid to the Affiliate whose link was used by the Customer for their most recent visit. Commission for a purchase can be only claimed by one Affiliate.

18. The Affiliate’s commission can be withdrawn if a Customer’s purchase has been cancelled for any reason and money was refunded to the Customer.

19. Commission can be cancelled if the Affiliate breaks the terms and conditions of this agreement. In the case of an exceptionally serious breach of agreement, all previous commissions can be cancelled, too.  

20. Commission is paid solely according to the information acquired from the affiliate programme system and the internal system of the Merchant that makes a record of actual orders and sales numbers.  

Commission amount

21. Commission is calculated as a percentage of the overall amount of sold and paid goods without VAT and shipping fee. 

Commission payment

23. Commission is paid on the basis of an invoice issued and emailed by the Affiliate.

24. The invoice payment deadline is 30 days.

25. If the Affiliate has to pay VAT, they should increase the total invoice amount by 21%.

26. Commissions are paid monthly as long as they are over the minimum amount of 30 EUR (or equivalent in CZK).

If the amount doesn’t exceed the minimum limit, the commission is transferred on to the next month. Before payment, the Affiliate will be contacted by email asking if they wish to receive the commission at that point.

27. If the Affiliate agrees with the payment but doesn’t issue an invoice within 6 months from giving the approval, their right to the commission is lost.

28. The Affiliate is obliged to pay tax on the commission payments from the Affiliate programme as described by Law.  

29. If the Affiliate decides to terminate the agreement, the remaining commission will be paid within 30 days. This provision must again be at least 30 EUR (or equivalent in CZK).

30. If the agreement is terminated due to breach of terms and conditions, the remaining commission won’t be paid.

31. Commission is paid in EUR (or equivalent in CZK).

Merchant’s obligations

32. The Merchant agrees to provide the Affiliate with true statistics of the purchases that were made through their partner link.

33. The Merchant further agrees to pay commission in accordance to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

34. The Merchant is not obliged to provide statistics of purchases realized other than through the online affiliate system.

Agreement termination

35. The agreement is for an indefinite period. And can be terminated by either party. The Merchant and the Affiliate can terminate it by sending a proposal of agreement termination, or the Intermediation contract.

36. If the Affiliate breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement, the Merchant can terminate the cooperation without paying commission from the realized purchases.

Final provisions

37. The Merchant reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any point, including the amount and types of commission.

38. If the Affiliate doesn’t accept the new terms and conditions, the agreement will be terminated.  

These terms and conditions take effect on 1. January 2018.